Twin Outlet without Wifi

GAROs wallbox with two charging points, without Wifi. Can be built to the desired system through group formation, based on the master unit with Wifi card to which simpler charging boxes can be connected. Each charging point is protected with DC fault protection and RCBO A according to international standards. Load balancing automatically reduces the vehicle's charging current and minimizes the risk of the main fuse tripping. Complete with GARO Modbus energy meter in the power station for activation of load balancing. Wallbox 2EV-outlet 7,4kW RCCB-A DC-fault protection with meter
Article number
Materials Aluminium
Colour Black
Rated voltage [V AC] 230/400
AC/DC output 1 Type2 outlet
AC/DC output 2 Type2 outlet
Cable [m] Not included
Package size [pcs] 1
Standard EN 61851-1 IEC 61439-7 AEVCS
Width [mm] 377
Height [mm] 660
Depth [mm] 213
Frequency [Hz] 50
Temperature range [C] -25...+40
Mounting method Wall mounting
Degree of protection [IP] 44
Storage temperature [C] -40...+50
Impact strength IK10
RCCB/RCBO RCCB A DC fault protection
Charging current [A] 6, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32
Locks Yes
E-number 2480302
Article number 353680
Type designation GTB-DCM-T274WO-A
Rated current [A] 32
Netweight [kg] 14
Phases 1
Power outlet [kW] 7,4
Meter Yes

More variants of Twin Outlet without Wifi

E-number Article number Type designation Rated current [A] Netweight [kg] Phases Power outlet [kW] Meter
WALLBOX 2EV 22kW DCM-A 2480300 353678 GTB-DCM-T222WO-A 63 15 3 22 Yes
WALLBOX 2EV 7,4kW DCM-A 2480302 353680 GTB-DCM-T274WO-A 32 14 1 7,4 Yes
WALLBOX 2EV 7,4kW DCMBUS-A 2480304 353682 GTB-DCMB-T274WO-A 32 14 1 7,4 Mbus
WALLBOX 2EV 22kW DCMBUS-A 2480305 353683 GTB-DCMB-T222WO-A 63 15 3 22 Mbus