Meet our people

By placing people in the focus and offering favorable personal development opportunities and safe workplaces, GARO gains access to committed and motivated employees who thrive at work and contribute to the positive development of operations. Get to know those of us who work at GARO below.

Sanna Johansson

Production Planner, GARO E-mobility

"What makes me proud to work at GARO is that you get to be involved in making a positive climate impact. That´s very important for me".


Joakim Lann

Area Sales Manager, Electrical distribution products

"I think the most important role as a salesperson is, in contrast to what others think, to listen. In that way i get to know what the customer wants".


Johan-Christer Svensson

Commercial Product Manager, GARO E-mobility

"Performance at work is quite closely linked to how you feel in general. But the best ideas tend to come when you don’t have to force them".


Romina Cofré

Vice Team leader, GARO E-mobility

"The best thing about my role as Vice Team Leader is that no day is like the other, as many believe is the case".


Joanna Marć

HR Manager, GARO Polska

"The best thing about working as an HR Manager at GARO is that there is really a lot of dynamism and diversity here. I never know what people will surprise me with, what the organization itself will surprise me with".


Krzysztof Glowacki

Production Foreman, GARO Polska

"I am proud to work at GARO because I feel a part of our team. I can rely on everyone. We have a great atmosphere, the company is growing and I am growing with it".