Energy meters 3-phase directmeter

"GNM3D, GNM3D-RS485 and GNM3D-MBUS are digital energy meters for 3-phase systems. As the meters are only 3 modules wide, they are very easy to position in all types of distribution cabinets that offer DIN mounting. The display simultaneously shows total consumption in kWh and instantaneous consumption in kW. Use the buttons indicated on the display to show information about the current and voltage per phase and many more values. There is also a visual alarm function that indicates if the sequential order of the phases is incorrect. The meters are billing approved according to MID (MI003)." Energymeter 3 pole Modbus RS485
Article number
Rated current [A] 65
Rated voltage [V AC] 400
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Degree of protection [IP] 20
Wire flexible [mm²] 2,5-16
Colour Grey
Modules [pcs] 3
Accuracy class 1
Power loss [W] <1
Phases 3
Standard EN 50470-1
Package size [pcs] 1
Width [mm] 54
Height [mm] 91
Depth [mm] 63
Netweight [kg] 0.24
Materials Plastic
Mounting method DIN-rail
E-number 0900135
Article number 108047
Type designation GNM3D-RS485
Tightening torque [Nm] 2,8
Temperature range [C] -25...+55
Storage temperature [C] -5...+55
Interface Modbus RS485

More variants of Energy meters 3-phase directmeter

E-number Article number Type designation Tightening torque [Nm] Temperature range [C] Storage temperature [C] Interface
ENERGYMETER 3P PULS 0900134 108046 GNM3D 2,8 -25...+55 -5...+55 Puls
ENERGYMETER 3P MBUS 0900136 108048 GNM3D-MBUS 2,8 -25...+55 -5...+55 Mbus
ENERGYMETER 3P W LOCAL PROD 0900173 108349 GNM3D-LP 2,8 -25...+55 -5...+55 Local production
ENERGYMETER 3P MODB LP RS485 0900500 109306 GNM3D-LP RS485 1,7-3 -25...+35 -30...+70 V
ENERGYMETER 3P MBUS LP 0900501 109307 GNM3D-LP Mbus 1,7-3 -25...+35 -30...+70 Mbus