Engine heater

Engine heater

Spare the environment and enjoy the warmth of your car

GARO’s engine heater kit ensures that your car gets off to the greenest possible start and is quickly warmed even when the weather is at its coldest. The kit can sense the outside temperature and adjust the engine heater’s start time to perfectly match your departure time. A warm engine enables your car to start with much greater fuel efficiency, reduces dangerous exhaust gas emissions and brings the passenger compartment to a comfortable temperature all the sooner.

What makes an engine heater necessary?

A car with an internal combustion engine that is already warm when started uses as much as one decilitre less fuel compared to a cold start. Moreover, a catalytic converter needs to reach a certain working temperature before it can start to reduce emissions, which means that no exhaust gases are treated until the engine is hot enough. An engine heater offers advantages in outdoor temperatures of up to +10°C, although the colder it is, the greater the benefit. This applies to both petrol- and diesel-powered cars.

Reduces your carbon dioxide emissions
One major advantage of using an engine heater is that when the engine is hot, the passenger compartment heats up much faster. Otherwise, the environment is by far the biggest winner, which can be comforting for anyone driving a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. An engine heater reduces the pollutants found in the exhaust gases, with particularly noticeable reductions in carbon dioxide and carcinogens. And since a large share of all driving begins with a cold engine, and often near where you live, these emissions have a major impact on both you and your local environment.

Fixed, preset or app-controlled settings

Our engine heater kits are available with a simple 3-hour timer as well as in a more advanced version where the electronics start the heater based on a preset departure time and the outdoor temperature. The MELN power outlet is perfect for heating your engine at home under a carport and is available with or without Wi-Fi connectivity. The system is easily and conveniently managed using a mobile app in a manner that minimises electricity consumption.

 Correct engine heater use

Correct engine heater use

The actual engine heater element is usually fitted to the engine block, which is designed with this in mind. An element can be retrofitted, although this really is a job for a professional. When you plan to connect your engine heater to a power supply, you need to consider not consuming more electricity than necessary. Otherwise, both you and the environment can soon lose out. It is always the outdoor temperature that determines how long the engine heater needs to be switched on before you leave. An easy and convenient way to ensure the correct amount of time is to invest in an engine heater kit that can sense the outdoor temperature and switch on the power at just the right time.

Are you interested in an engine heater at home?

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