Productive charging with Althea 50 kW

The destination charger Althea fits perfectly in places such as shopping centres, sports and leisure facilities or other places where people carry out their errands or interests. While the electric car owner is having a coffee, running errands or attending a customer meeting, Althea efficiently charges the electric car in about 1 hour. Offering fast electricity refills will hopefully increase the frequency of visits and it will also reward you with greater loyalty by clearly showing which side of the climate debate you stand on.

Roadside appeal

Roadside appeal

Our Althea fast charger is perfectly suited to places where people run shorter errands. And the fact that they are able to top up their electric charge will encourage more frequent visits. Since Althea is equipped with both CCS and CHAdeMO charging cables, it is suitable for use with all electric cars that support fast charging. The straightforward touchscreen makes the charger easy to use regardless of language. Moreover, the high-quality technology and components mean that this charging station
takes care of itself with minimal maintenance.

Can be equipped with both CHAdeMO and CCS charging cables to ensure that all types of fast-charging electric cars can be charged.

Fast-charges the battery in most fully electric cars from 20 to 80 percent in about 45 minutes

The touchscreen and symbol-based interface make it easy to understand how the charger works. All software development and future updates are handled by GARO.

The RFID reader unlocks the charger when users identify themselves by RFID tag, communicating with the provider, the charger owner and the user.

A proprietary metal enclosure with a modern design. The housing is made of environmentally friendly Magnelis®, which is strong, corrosion resistant and self-healing.

Can be decorated with your own vinyl wrapping design to strengthen your brand and advertise your contribution to the environment.

Developed and thoroughly tried and tested in Sweden and Norway, Althea is designed to cope with our harsh northern climate, resistant to both cold and moisture. This is also why the charger housing is fitted with a heater.

What does an Althea installation require?

What does an Althea installation require?

An Althea installation should be carefully planned based on the location and the layout of the parking area. The charging station should be powered from a supply rated at least 80 A (400 V TN). Also decide whether it is to be connected to a charging provider and, if so, how access control is to be implemented. Once everything has been planned and ordered, Althea will be delivered ready to use and configured with all the right settings. Like all GARO products, Althea is designed to be easy to install and intuitive to use.