GARO’s CEO to attend national climate meeting

Together for a fossil-free future.

GARO’s CEO to attend national climate meeting

That a new, unified and results-oriented action plan encompassing policy, trade and industry, and society is required to truly achieve net zero emissions is nothing new. GARO has previously demonstrated the importance of joint action and investments to realise a climate-smart and fossil-free future. The right conditions must be in place if we are to see increased business investments in fossil-free energy and green innovations. To enable this, government policy must provide the right conditions for households and companies to transition. 

On 16 June, GARO’s President and CEO Patrik Andersson will once again attend a national climate meeting arranged by the Swedish government. This is a forum that has been convened several times throughout the spring, attended by selected representatives from trade and industry, civil society, interest groups and academia to gather expertise and discuss challenges and opportunities. 

This year, the government will also draw up an action plan for how Sweden’s climate goals are to be achieved. The national climate meetings play a key role in establishing this work. 

“We’re proud of the fact that GARO has been invited to take part in these meetings. It gives us the chance to voice our view of the future and how to realise the vision of transitioning to an electrically powered, energy-efficient and fossil-free future, as well as the chance to get involved and influence. No one is an island. Everyone needs to be involved, and as an industry stakeholder, we’ve chosen our direction and are ready to shoulder our share of the responsibility for a fossil-free future,” says Patrik Andersson, President and CEO of GARO.