GARO have entered Nordic partnership with Aneo

As of January 2024, GARO has entered a partnership agreement with the Norwegian energy company Aneo to jointly offer future-proof and cost-effective electric vehicle charging in Sweden and Norway. Aneo, with its roots in Norway, has proven successful within renewable energy production and has even established itself as a leading supplier of electric vehicle charging for apartment buildings and commercial properties. Aneo is currently responsible for more than 90,000 parking spaces with electric vehicle charging.

GARO have entered Nordic partnership with Aneo

The partnership agreement encompasses the new GARO Entity product range. For Aneo and its customers, safety, scalability and future-proof technology are important features of any wallbox. GARO’s products are always designed to be safe, intuitive and energy-efficient for everyone involved in a wallbox installation. Whether that be the electrician, the owner, the provider or the end user. 

“Here at GARO, we’re pleased to be working with a partner at the forefront of renewable energy and with the ambition to contribute to a profitable energy transition in the Nordic region. There’s an increasing need for accessible charging infrastructure for apartment buildings, so we’re proud to be able to partner with one of Norway’s leading suppliers of electric vehicle charging to housing cooperatives. We’re looking forward to our new partnership with Aneo and all that we can offer together,” says Jonas Persson, Sales Director International Accounts, GARO.

Aneo has been operating in the e-mobility sector since 2019 and is responsible for the construction, commissioning and maintenance of the charging facilities its provides to its customers. The business model, entailing a turnkey commitment whereby Aneo remains the facility owner after its installation and which the housing cooperative then leases, offers the customer several advantages. The financial investment is borne by Aneo while the customer pays a fixed monthly fee. What’s more, use and handling are plain sailing as Aneo is responsible for all support and maintenance.

“Our partnership with GARO will enable us to offer future-proof and safe wallboxes and the associated services. The purpose of the agreement is to enable us to provide straightforward electric vehicle charging free from administration for housing cooperatives and apartment buildings. Residents should always have peace of mind that their cars are being charged by wallboxes offering maximum safety and provided by us as a reliable and leading partner within electric vehicle charging,” says Margareta Törnblad, CEO, Aneo Mobility Sweden.

The first facilities have already been commissioned in both Norway and Sweden.


About Aneo:

Aneo is a Nordic group specialised in renewable energy with considerable investment resources. The group owns and operates wind, hydro and solar power plants in Norway and Sweden. Aneo’s ambition is to contribute to a profitable energy transition in the Nordic region to the benefit of its customers as well as society in general. In addition to investing extensively in renewable energy production, the group develops innovative services within electrification and energy efficiency. The group currently offers services within, for instance, electric vehicle charging as well as refrigeration and freezing technology for the food retail sector. Its head office is located in Trondheim, Norway.


For more information, please contact:

Niklas Rönnäng, Business Area Manager +46 (0)70 698 09 05

Jonas Persson, Sales Director International Accounts +46 (0)70 328 50 934


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