A Vital 20th Anniversary

We are now in the month of October - the international breast cancer awareness month. GARO is a corporate friend and actively supports cancer research.

A Vital 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Cancer Foundation's Pink Ribbon campaign. GARO has been supporting the Pink Ribbon campaign for several years to increase engagement in cancer research efforts, which we continue to do this year.

At GARO, we have a strong and positive outlook on the future that permeates our entire operation. With approximately 550 employees in various parts of the world, one of our most important messages is that together we are strong, and collectively, we can make a difference. Therefore, GARO supports the Cancer Foundation's Pink Ribbon campaign every year, collaborating with other organizations, businesses, and individuals to contribute to cancer research for a brighter future.

During the month of October, there are various ways to contribute to research. Becoming a monthly donor, starting a fundraiser, or purchasing a pink ribbon are just a few of the many options. During the campaign period, both GARO's employees and visiting customers have the opportunity to contribute to the fundraising effort.

Together, we can make a difference, united against cancer.