Anna Gyibgyac

Anna Gyibgyac is studying the Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics program at Halmstad University and will graduate in 2024. During the second semester of her third year, she completed her internship at GARO.

Tell us about your education:

The Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics program spans four years. The first two years cover basic business economics, and in the last two years, I chose to specialize in International Marketing. The program is versatile and includes courses in leadership, accounting, and marketing. Anna emphasizes the variety both in subject areas and among supervisors, which has included experienced entrepreneurs from the business world as well as professors.

What about marketing and communication interests you?

The work in marketing and communication appeals to me greatly because of the creative breadth it entails. There's no set template, and there are countless paths to explore to achieve desired results. I also find it interesting to deal with all the different perspectives, such as different buying behaviors, market perspectives, and company perspectives.

Why did you apply for your internship at GARO?

Since I grew up in Gnosjö, which is known for its entrepreneurship and drive, my supervisor suggested that I should take a closer look at companies in my hometown. After hearing positive reviews from acquaintances who work at GARO, it felt like an interesting and developmental internship placement.

What did you do at GARO?

My internship involved two different focuses. Firstly, I participated in the daily operational work, which included various tasks in digital and traditional marketing, photography, and video shoots. I also had the opportunity to write a news article, publish Instagram posts, and be an extra pair of eyes and ears when needed. The second part of my internship involved an independent project, where I conducted a competitive analysis and developed a joint communication plan for GARO's subsidiaries, which is important to ensure a consistent brand image and tone.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of your internship?

The best part was being involved throughout the entire process of a project. Writing and designing a new brochure and then seeing it printed at the press was both fun and interesting. Another clear example of when I was involved in planning, implementation, and follow-up was during the planning of trade fairs and then seeing the results on-site.

Did the internship meet your expectations?

My internship at GARO exceeded my expectations. I hadn't expected to be so involved in the projects, and I'm glad I had the chance to meet engaged people and see how the work looked in different departments. It was also particularly exciting to gain insight into the work at a publicly traded company.

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