Koster lightning pole

Koster lamp post is used when you do not need the power outlets, but still want to create efficient and comfortable lighting in the harbour. The lamp head is identical to other Koster posts and is equipped with a 5W GU10 LED lamp. As with other Koster posts , it can be equipped with a water tap and hose reel. The lamp post, which is not fitted with a residual current breaker with overload protection, is equipped with a terminal block for connection and looping of <4 mm² cable. There is space next to the terminal block to fit a miniature circuit breaker if the fuse protection for the lighting is installed internally. Marinpole with illumination only.
Article number
Type designation GMS WL
Materials Aluminium
Colour Grey
Standard EN 61439-3
Netweight [kg] 8.20
Width [mm] 229
Height [mm] 1300
Depth [mm] 250
Rated current [A] 10
Degree of protection [IP] X6
Rated short-circuit cap. [kA] 10
E-number 2449752
Article number 351932

Accessories for Koster lightning pole

Name E-number Article number Type designation Description
GROUNDBASE  MARINE POLE GROUNDBASE MARINE POLE 2449768 352030 MF-K Groundbase for marinepole