GARO’s public charging station gains improved IP rating

GARO’s charging station for charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in public environments has undergone an additional third-party certification process for a higher IP rating*, resulting in approved test results. Accordingly, the IP rating has been raised from IP44 to IP54.

GARO’s public charging station gains improved IP rating

GARO launched its LS4 public charging station back in 2016, a unit designed to meet the need to charge electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in public environments, such as at companies, shopping centres and other public car parks. The switch to fossil-free alternatives within the transport and energy sectors has long been a key issue for ensuring a sustainable future. Increasing electrification calls for stricter and clearer safety requirements within electricity standards, which is why GARO conducted a new third-party certification process.  

“Stricter electrical safety requirements result in more stakeholders maintaining higher safety standards, which is something we welcome here at GARO. Some markets have in fact already implemented stricter rules/requirements at national level for higher IP ratings for products used in outdoor environments. Such as Spain, which we can now offer our LS4," says Johan-Christer Svensson, Product Manager E-mobility. 

The third-party certification process was conducted by an international test institute and, since the product has not been changed mechanically, even legacy (existing) LS4 units also gain the same higher IP rating.  An already excellent product made even better. 

An IP54 rating means: 

  • Protection against harmful amounts of dust reaching the product’s electrical components 
  • Protection against water splashes from all directions  
  • Fulfilment of the protection requirement for outdoor installations, even installations with stricter requirements regarding dust protection.  

For more information, please contact: 

Johan-Christer Svensson, Product Manager: +46 793 04 77 96 
Cathrine Andersson, Marketing Manager: +46 729 95 17 76 


*The acronym IP stands for International Protection and comprises an international method for rating different enclosure classifications. The code indicates the level of protection an enclosure offers against access to hazardous components inside the enclosure as well as the level of protection offered for equipment inside the enclosure against the ingress of solid objects or water. Dust particles are considered solid objects. Source: Sweden’s National Electrical Safety Board.