GARO introduces a new DC charger

A new charging station with thoughtful design and dual outlets.

GARO introduces a new DC charger

In collaboration with Ingeteam, GARO expands its range in DC charging and introduces the RAPID 60 kW charging station, a compact station equipped with dual CCS outlets.

With an optional payment terminal, RFID reader, and OCPP 1.6, 2.0 for communication with the charging operator, this charging station is an excellent solution for locations where the demand for space-saving DC chargers is high and where there is a need to charge for the service. During charging, a power of either 30 kW on both outlets or 60 kW on a single outlet can be achieved.

Equipped with a user-friendly cable management system, connectable with 4G with the option to customize the exterior design, it can be ground-mounted on a foundation either against a wall or back-to-back. This means there is an opportunity to accommodate up to four charging points in a small area.

RAPID 60 kW will make its debut in the Nordic region at eCarExpo in Stockholm during the weekend of February 2-4, 2024.