GARO Entity Compact wallbox for homes certified compliant with international charging standard

The GARO Entity Compact wallbox, primarily intended for the home market, has been third-party tested and certified as compliant with the international charging standard* by TÜV SÜD in Germany. “Together with GARO Entity Pro, which is intended for public and semi-public charging, these wallboxes are the only ones in the Nordic region to meet this standard. Here at GARO, we take responsibility for ensuring that our wallboxes always offer the greatest possible safety,” says Niklas Rönnäng, Business Area Manager GARO E-mobility.

GARO Entity Compact wallbox for homes certified compliant with international charging standard

GARO Entity Compact entered the market in October 2023 and is based on GARO’s new technology platform for electric vehicle charging. This is a wallbox equipped with comprehensive protection for an electrical installation that offers peace of mind. “This means that the electrician need not supplement the installation with a residual current device. The wallbox is already equipped with everything you need, ensuring a fast and cost-effective installation and, more importantly, end-user safety,” says Rönnäng.

The third-party certification of GARO Entity Compact affords the product a quality assurance stamp and ensures its compliance with all applicable directives, laws and standards. This certification also confirms that the demanding tests conducted by GARO during product development have proven successful and delivered the intended outcome.

Surpasses the standard

The international charging standard for electric vehicle charging (IEC61851*) is comprised of several underlying standards, each of which places strict demands on the product. GARO Entity Compact has been subjected to third-party testing in demanding climatic conditions over several months. These tests ensure, for example, a wallbox with a service life of at least 10 years. Extensive EMC testing has also been conducted to ensure that the wallbox neither disrupts nor is disrupted by other electronic equipment.

“Investing in a third-party certified product means consumers can be sure that the product is designed to minimise technical risks as well as to protect people and the environment alike. GARO Entity Compact also boasts safety features that surpass the requirements set out in the standard and our goal is clear – GARO is to offer the market’s safest wallboxes”, Rönnäng ends.


For more information, please contact: 

Patrik Andersson, CEO GARO Group: +46 76 148 44 44

Niklas Rönnäng, Business Area Manager GARO E-mobility: +46 70 698 09 05

* The primary product standard for a wallbox is EN 61851-1. In addition to this, compliance with a number of other standards is also required. Some of the most relevant are IEC 62955 (Residual current protection), IEC 61439-1 (Electrical accessories) and several EMC standards. GARO Entity also has relevant individual protection built-in, based on EN 61008-1 (RCD) and EN 60898-1 (MCB). What’s more, the product is ready for communication in compliance with ISO 15118. This makes GARO Entity unique in the market.