Connectors low voltage 16A IP44

Plugs and sockets for low voltages of <50V with rated currents of 16A and 32A. The connectors are designed to meet the requirements in the standards IEC 60309-2 and BS 43 43. The frequency and voltage are determined by the location of the sub-alignment guide on the socket. The main alignment guide/slot width, which is always at the 6 o'clock position, is determined by the current: 16A (wide version) and 32A (narrow version) respectively. This is to prevent a 32A plug with a narrow guide from being connected to a 16A socket with a wide slot. Connector low-voltage 2-poles 16A.
Article number
Wire flexible [mm²] 4-10
Rated current [A] 16
Degree of protection [IP] 44
Standard EN 60309-2
Width [mm] 75
Height [mm] 150
Depth [mm] 75
Materials Plastic
Function Low voltage
E-number 2425692
Article number 2425692
Type designation SK 216 S
Colour Purple
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated voltage [V AC] 20-25
Netweight [kg] 0.18
No.of Poles [pcs] 2P
RAL-nummer RAL4005

More variants of Connectors low voltage 16A IP44

E-number Article number Type designation Colour Frequency [Hz] Rated voltage [V AC] Netweight [kg] No.of Poles [pcs] Position of earth [h] RAL-nummer
CONNECTORS LOW-VOLTAGE 2P 16A 2425692 2425692 SK 216 S Purple 50/60 20-25 0.18 2P RAL4005
CONNECTORS LOW-V 2P 16A 10h 2425693 2425693 SK 216-10 S Grey DC 20-25,40-50 0.18 2P 10 RAL7046
CONNECTORS LOW-V 2P 16A 12h 2425694 2425694 SK 216-12 S White 50/60 40-50 0.18 2P 12 RAL9016
CONNECTORS LOW-VOLTAGE 3P 16A 2425695 2425695 SK 316 S Purple 50/60 20-25 0.20 3P RAL4005
CONNECTORS LOW-V 3P 16A 4h 2425696 2425696 SK 316-4 S Green 100/200 40-50 0.20 3P 4 RAL6010
CONNECTORS LOW-V 3P 16A 12h 2425697 2425697 SK 316-12 S White 50/60 40-50 0.20 3P 12 RAL9016