Consumer units

Custom-made consumer units

From early on, our consumer units have paved the way for innovation with the electrician in focus. Working with GARO’s distribution cabinets should be both easy and safe. This is why we have used slightly heavier sheet metal, slightly safer cable routing solutions and slightly smarter connectors. We were, in fact, the first to do all this. Naturally, we also offer plastic distribution cabinets for those who wish, although we recommend a metal distribution cabinet from a safety standpoint. 

We assemble and ship immediately.

We assemble and ship immediately.

Tailor and order your consumer unit online. Orders placed before 11 am on weekdays are shipped from us the same afternoon with next-day delivery*. We also stock the most popular service/distribution units pre-assembled and ready for immediate delivery.

ATTENTION! Orders in the app are closed June 5-6. Orders placed after 11:00 on June 2 will be delivered on June 7.

* Next-day delivery encompasses locations south of Dalälven. Delivery to locations north of Dalälven is 48 hours. We cannot be held liable for delivery delays due to public holidays and problems experienced by freight companies.