Changeover boxes

The switch consists of 2 breakers, mechanically interlocked. The switch is adapted to the TN-C system, but can also be mounted for the TN-S system. Switching is designed according to the Svenska Elleverantöre’s instructions with fuses on the incoming standby power. Prepared for locking on sockets 63A and 125A and a fully visible status lamp for returning voltage. The breaker in our standby power switches has a rated current value Ith = 125A, is 4-pole and lockable in the OFF position. It meets the requirements for safety switches with disconnection characteristics according to standard SS 428 06 05, SS EN 60 947-1 and SS EN 60 947-3. The switch features a compact design, which results in a safer function, and above all a large installation area for the incoming cables. The box has flange openings on the top and bottom.