GARO’s G-boxes are practical and offer reliable protection of the connected equipment, a highly flexible system for creating power distribution boards according to customer needs and requests. A full range of DIN boxes is available. We can even develop a fully customised G-box at short notice. All G-boxes are equipped with terminal blocks for connecting Cu 2//35 mm². For Al-cable connections, max 1//50 mm², thrust washers are used between the Al and Cu cables. The plastic material in the G-box is environmentally friendly and chemical-resistant. Type designation key is written in the order as set out below with the number of components that are included in the G-box. 1.63A 3P+N+E 2.32A 3P+N+E 3.16A 3p+N+E 4.16A 2P+E 5. Schuko 6. Diverse equipped