Miniature circuit breakers

GARO offers three programs of miniature circuit breaker. One programme with a 10kA screw connection, one programme with 6kA screw connections and one programme of 10kA quick connections. The 10 kA programmes are the pro range for industrial and residential segments while the 6kA programme is ideal for residential applications. Miniature circuit breakers in both 6 and 10 kA are equipped with a mounting bracket that allows you to remove or install a miniature circuit breaker even when the phase busbar is installed. All miniature circuit breakers are fully compatible with each other in terms of dimensions, which means that the same busbars can be used. All programmes feature miniature circuit breakers with different tripping characteristics and the following characteristics are suitable for each application area B-characteristics: Resistive loads, Lighting, Sockets, Stoves, Furnaces, Water heaters, Electric radiators, etc. C-characteristics: Inductive and resistive loads, Microwave ov