Energy meters 1-phase directmeter

"GNM1D is a series of compact DIN-mounted digital electricity meters for 1-phase loads. The meters measure up to 45A and have a pulse output and modbus output to report power consumption. Reading of power consumption is easy to do on the sharp LCD screen. The meters are billing approved according to MID (MI003)." Energymeter 1 pole Modbus
Article number
Wire flexible [mm²] 2,5-6
Rated current [A] 45
Degree of protection [IP] 20
Colour Grey
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated voltage [V AC] 400
Tightening torque [Nm] 2,8
Storage temperature [C] -5...+55
Modules [pcs] 1
Accuracy class 1
Power loss [W] <1
Phases 1
Standard EN 50470-1
Package size [pcs] 1
Netweight [kg] 0.08
Width [mm] 17.80
Height [mm] 91.50
Depth [mm] 62
Materials Plastic
Mounting method DIN-rail
E-number 0900133
Article number 108045
Type designation GNM1D-MBUS
Temperature range [C] -25...+55
Interface Mbus

More variants of Energy meters 1-phase directmeter

E-number Article number Type designation Temperature range [C] Interface
ENERGYMETER 1P PULS 0900131 108043 GNM1D -20...+55 Puls
ENERGYMETER 1P MODBUS RS485 0900132 108044 GNM1D-RS485 -25...+55 Modbus RS485
ENERGYMETER 1P MODBUS 0900133 108045 GNM1D-MBUS -25...+55 Mbus