GARO Entity Flex

GARO Entity Flex

Meet the need for electric vehicle charging at your construction site.

GARO Entity Flex combines two GARO Entity Pro wallboxes encapsulated in a robust protective frame for wall mounting. What’s more, an optional sturdy, heavy-gauge stand is also available for situations where this is a better solution. Unlike many other temporary electric vehicle chargers, GARO Entity Flex offers three-phase charging, making it both fast and effective.   

Forget RFID tags, charging cards and apps

Forget RFID tags, charging cards and apps

We’re not exaggerating when we say that you won’t find an electric vehicle charger with a simpler payment solution. Because GARO Entity Flex has an integrated billing solution. Simply scan the QR code on the side of the wallbox and pay for your charging by Swish, Apple Pay or payment card. Perfect, for example, for construction sites where there are often many people on the move with a great need for fast, easy and user-friendly charging. 

Combine engine heating with electric vehicle charging

And what do we actually mean by that?   Well, since the GARO Entity Heat engine heater outlet and GARO Entity Flex electric vehicle charger share the same baseplate, the kits can be installed interchangeably. This means that GARO Entity Flex can be equipped with both an engine heater outlet and a wallbox, thereby satisfying the needs of both electric and fossil fuel vehicle owners. As increasingly more people switch to electric vehicles, the engine heater outlets can be replaced with wallboxes as needs change.

GARO Entity Flex in brief

Three-phase charging

Two outlets

16 A from each charging point

11 kW from each charging point

Internal load balancing when needed

Integrated billing solution