Cable cabinets e-mobility

Cable cabinets e-mobility

Smart and effective power distribution between charging posts

In addition to reliable charging posts and charging stations, you also need reliable and flexible cable cabinets to connect and distribute power to the different charging posts and stations in a smart and cost-effective manner. We can offer not only complete solutions for both larger and smaller facilities, but also all the expertise and knowledge that we have accumulated over the years.

Pre-assembled e-mobility cabinets

We custom-build, thoroughly test and deliver pre-assembled cable cabinets designed for your e-mobility solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience and strong focus on environmentally friendly product development, we can offer a GARO-branded cable cabinet with a new and revolutionary housing. GARO’s proprietary cable cabinet is made of an exclusive and more environmentally friendly material called Magnelis®, which is both strong and corrosion resistant.

Custom-made and ready to connect 

Depending on how many charging solutions your customer need, we calculate your particular power requirements and build a custom cable cabinet equipped with preconfigured load balancing. This means that you and you receive a single delivery comprising a complete e-mobility system with all component parts already installed for quick and easy connection.

GARO’s new and unique cable cabinet

Together with the new cable cabinet we developed in-house, we are also launching an environmentally friendly housing offering several unique advantages that bear comparison. The cabinet is specially designed to handle all sorts of climatic conditions.

Environmentally friendly material, corrosion resistant, self-healing. 

Guarantees Swedish quality in line with GARO Futuresmart™.

Rivet nuts on both sides for attachment to power pole, wall mounting, etc.

Individual depth adjustment on each side for anchoring in the ground.

IK10 impact resistance rating. IP34D protection class rating, meaning that it can handle our Nordic climate, and third-party certification of compliance with all applicable standards.

All installation inside the cabinet is easily conducted from the front.

Contemporary design with well-considered details both inside and out.

Quick and easy flow from quote to delivery

Our cabinets offer electricians an easier workflow. Each delivery is a complete solution that is quickly installed.


GARO cable cabinets for vehicle charging are available in four different standard models. Our cabinets are CE marked and type approved as per the applicable standards and a completed test report is included with each delivery.

Other equipment and accessories include:
• Bracket for floor mounting
• Bracket for mounting in rock
• Bracket for wall mounting
• Lower section for wall-mounted cabinets
• Underground supports to counter lateral forces
• Snow markers