Lighting transformers 48V 1-groups

Lighting transformer 48V 1-group has an output power of 500VA to handle an entire circuit of about 100 m with approximately 10-25 construction lamps 48V. (With BALL 48V it’s possible to install 25 lamps on one group, 100 m). The transformer is also equipped with an adjustable transformer of 220-250V and with programmable timer for optimal operation. Terminal block output for 2G2.5 mm² Lighting transformer without astro 1-group 48VV 500VA
Article number
Degree of protection [IP] 44
Colour Red
Rated current [A] 16
Standard EN 61558-2-6
Package size [pcs] 1
Schuko [pcs] 1
Cable [m] 5
Plug 16A 2P+E 230V
Fixed connect. out/in [XGkvmm] OUT:1 pcs 2G2,5
Outgoing groups [pcs] 1
Transformer-power [VA] 500
E-number 5202096
Article number 352806
Type designation TRAFO-UT 500 1GR
Materials Galvanized sheet steel
Netweight [kg] 12
Width [mm] 260
Height [mm] 250
Depth [mm] 350
Rated voltage [V AC] 230-48
MCB 1 pcs B110
Day automatics No

More variants of Lighting transformers 48V 1-groups

E-number Article number Type designation Materials Netweight [kg] Width [mm] Height [mm] Depth [mm] Flanged socket outlet Rated voltage [V AC] MCB Day automatics
LIGHT TR 48V 2x216 500VA 5202175 352545 BEL TRAFO 48V 2x216 Sheet steel 12 250 250 350 2 pcs 2P+E 440 2 pcs B110 Yes
LIGHT TRANSF WO 1GRP 48V 500VA 5202096 352806 TRAFO-UT 500 1GR Galvanized sheet steel 12 260 250 350 230-48 1 pcs B110 No
LIGHT TR 1GRP 48V 500VA 5208144 5208144 TRAFO 500VA Galvanized sheet steel 230-48 1 pcs B110 Yes