RCCB type B 10kA

RCCB type B 10kA RCCB GB type B 63A 30mA 4-poles 10kA
Article number
Type designation RCCB GB 63A 30mA 4P
Wire flexible [mm²] 1,5-25
Rated current [A] 63
Degree of protection [IP] 20
Colour Grey
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated voltage [V AC] 230/400
Tightening torque [Nm] 3
Temperature range [C] -25...+55
Storage temperature [C] -35...+60
Modules [pcs] 4
Standard EN 61008-1
Package size [pcs] 1
Netweight [kg] 0.33
Width [mm] 72
Height [mm] 88
Depth [mm] 72
Poles 4
Materials Plastic
Rated short-circuit cap. [kA] 10
Connection type Screw
Claim prefuse [A] 100
Sensitivity [mA] 30
Mounting method DIN-rail
Name RCCB GB B 63A 4P 30mA
E-number 2163167
Article number 107502

Accessories for RCCB type B 10kA

Name E-number Article number Type designation Description
AUXILIARY SWITCH RCCB AUXILIARY SWITCH RCCB 2163134 2163134 HLPK D Auxiliary switch for RCCB type GCD, G-RCD and GS, 1c+1o.