RCBO 10kA 2-pole C-characteristics

RCBOs are used as personal injury and product protection for 1-phase loads and have all-pole breaking. It is possible to connect from both the bottom and top. RCBO GS C-Characteristic 10A 10kA 2-pole
Article number
Wire flexible [mm²] 1,5-25
Degree of protection [IP] 20
Colour Grey
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated voltage [V AC] 230/400
Tightening torque [Nm] 2,5
Temperature range [C] -25...+55
Storage temperature [C] -35...+55
Modules [pcs] 2
Standard EN 61009-1
Package size [pcs] 1
Netweight [kg] 0.23
Width [mm] 34
Height [mm] 88
Depth [mm] 72
Poles 2
Materials Plastic
Rated short-circuit cap. [kA] 10
Connection type Screw
Claim prefuse [A] 125
Tripping characteristics C
Sensitivity [mA] 30
Leakage current A
E-number 2163248
Article number 2163248
Type designation RCBO GS C10A 2P
Rated current [A] 10

More variants of RCBO 10kA 2-pole C-characteristics

E-number Article number Type designation Rated current [A]
RCBO GS C-CHAR 6A 2P 2163247 2163247 RCBO GS C6A 2P 6
RCBO GS C-CHAR 10A 2P 2163248 2163248 RCBO GS C10A 2P 10
RCBO GS C-CHAR 13A 2P 2163249 2163249 RCBO GS C13A 2P 13
RCBO GS C-CHAR 16A 2P 2163250 2163250 RCBO GS C16A 2P 16
RCBO GS C-CHAR 20A 2P 2163251 2163251 RCBO GS C20A 2P 20
RCBO GS C-CHAR 25A 2P 2163252 2163252 RCBO GS C25A 2P 25
RCBO GS C-CHAR 32A 2P 2163253 2163253 RCBO GS C32A 2P 32
RCBO GS C-CHAR 40A 2P 2163254 2163254 RCBO GS C40A 2P 40