Metall cabinets NIM 3-75/36-THU mediapart right side no bottombox

GARO’s metal cabinet without bottom tray, which is a combined standard and media cabinet for recessed mounting. The media section is located to the right of the DIN section in the cabinet. The number of modules in the DIN section is 3 rows with a total of 36 module slots, 12 on each row. The media section is equipped with 12 x RJ45 keystone holes (14x20 mm per/hole) and two wall sockets and slots for the media box. The cabinet is supplied with a 10A 1-pole miniature circuit breaker to protect the wall sockets. Of course, the cabinet can be mounted both recessed in the wall with a bottom tray as well as surface mounted. This requires a bottom tray and in the case of the latter you must supplement with a frame. The cabinets are made to maintain good ventilation as the components generate a great deal of heat. Particularly suitable for apartments and small houses. The cabinets are made of sheet steel, which provides an extra safeguard against fire, for example. Metal cabinet recessed 3row 36modules media right side without bottombox.
Article number
Type designation NIM 75-3/36-THU
Rated current [A] 50
Rated voltage [V AC] 400
Frequency [Hz] 50
Degree of protection [IP] 30
Colour White
Modules [pcs] 36
Standard EN 61439-3
Width [mm] 515
Height [mm] 547
Depth [mm] 115
Netweight [kg] 7
Materials Sheet metal
Location Surface/Recessed
Connection PE [pcs] [mm²] 26
Connection N [pcs] 11+11
Further feeding [A] Vidarematning 63
Recessed width [mm] 492
Schuko [pcs] 2
Bottombox No
Lockation Media Media right
RJ45 type Keystone
RJ45 [pcs] 12
Recessed depth [mm] 82
Recessed height [mm] 518
RAL-nummer RAL9010
E-number 2290031
Article number 356036