Terminal profiles for wallmounting

Terminal block section for wall mounting, in the terminal block, all the cables needed to connect the insert to electricity. The terminal block is mounted on the wall, the enclosure is mounted on the terminal block and finally the insert is assembled with a quick connection. Equipped with an installation friendly terminal 25mm2 prepared for outgoing electrical feed 16mm2 Al/Cu. The terminal block does not fit for older versions of P100 enclosure. Terminal profile wallmounted PN
Article number
Type designation PNFR
Materials Aluminium
Standard EN 61439-3
Package size [pcs] 1
E-number 2449206
Article number 353010
Wire flexible [mm²] 1X25+1X16
Colour Grey
Location Vägg/Wall
Netweight [kg] 0.90

Accessories for Terminal profiles for wallmounting

Name E-number Article number Type designation Description
TERM BLOCK CON 5P AL/CU MVC-N TERM BLOCK CON 5P AL/CU MVC-N 2670477 353155 P5-N Terminal block connector 5-poles Al/Cu PN-MVC