Entity PRO Chargingunit

The charging unit is the component in the Entity family that determines the properties of the charger. The Entity PRO charging unit comes with a fixed cable available in various lengths or an outlet. Built-in electronic meter or visible MID meter. Integrated residual current device (RCD) with an all-pole mechanical circuit breaker for AC and DC that meets all requirements. The wallboxes can communicate with each other over Ethernet or mesh Wi-Fi and the internet over LTE CAT M1, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. NB: Charging unit only. Charging unit Entity Pro 22kW with outlet, phasebalancing and modem with SIM for Garo Connect.
Article number
Materials Plastic
Colour Black
Rated voltage [V AC] 230/400
Package size [pcs] 1
Standard EN61851-1, IEC62955, IEC61439-7, EN61008-1, EN60898-1, ISO15118
Width [mm] 240
Depth [mm] 150
Frequency [Hz] 50
Temperature range [C] -40C...+40C
Mounting method Wall mounting
Degree of protection [IP] 54
Storage temperature [C] -40C...+40C
Phases 3
Impact strength IK10
Short-circuit current [kA] 10
RAL-nummer RAL9011
E-number 2701005
Article number 354208
Type designation EPCUO00332SIGI
Rated current [A] 32
Meter Built-in meter
AC/DC output Type2 outlet
Cable [m] Not included
Netweight [kg] 3.90
Height [mm] 340
Charging current [A] 0-32
Locks No
Effekt [kW] 22

More variants of Entity PRO Chargingunit

E-number Article number Type designation Rated current [A] Meter AC/DC output Cable [m] Netweight [kg] Height [mm] RCCB/RCBO Charging current [A] Locks Effekt [kW]
CHARGUNIT ENTITY PRO 22 2701005 354208 EPCUO00332SIGI 32 Built-in meter Type2 outlet Not included 3.90 340 0-32 No 22
CHARGUNIIT ENTITY PRO 14 CAB 5M 2701006 354209 EPCUC50320SIGI 20 Built-in meter Type2 fixed cable 5 5.30 340 0-20 No 14
CHARGUNIT ENTITY PRO 22 MID 2701007 354210 EPCUO00332SVGI 32 Visible meter Type2 outlet Not included 4 340 0-32 No 22
CHARGUNIT ENTITY PRO 14MID 5MH 2701051 354265 EPCUH50320SVGI 20 Visible meter Type2 fixed cable 5 5 340 Yes 0-20 Yes 14
CHARGUNIT ENTITY PRO 14 H5M 2701053 354453 EPCUH50320SIGI 20 Built-in meter Type2 fixed cable 5 5 343 RCCB A DC fault protection 0-32 Yes 14