Interlocked sockets 32A IP44

GARO’s interlocked socket for wall mounting with one IEC/CEE socket on the front panel is lockable in open and closed positions, ample connection area with FL13 at the top and bottom combined with knockouts. Supplied with glands adapted to each box. Cable entry options from both the top and bottom. Interblocked socket 3-poles 32A 4h
Article number
Wire flexible [mm²] Max 35
Rated current [A] 32
Degree of protection [IP] 44
Standard EN 61439-4
Width [mm] 160
Depth [mm] 220
Materials Plastic
Earth terminal [mm²] 10
Knockouts Down[Ø/pcs] 3x32
Knockouts up[Ø/pcs] 3x32
Article number 2425762
Type designation UB 232-4 S
Colour Yellow
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated voltage [V AC] 100-130
Netweight [kg] 1.10
Height [mm] 151
No.of Poles [pcs] 3/2P+E
Position of earth [h] 4

More variants of Interlocked sockets 32A IP44

E-number Article number Type designation Colour Frequency [Hz] Rated voltage [V AC] Netweight [kg] Height [mm] No.of Poles [pcs] Position of earth [h]
INTERLOCKED SOCKET 3P 32A 6h 2425763 2425763 UB 232-6 S Blue 50/60 200-250 1.10 151 3/2P+E 6
INTERLOCKED SOCKET 4P 32A 6h 2425770 2425770 UB 332-6 S Red 50/60 400 1.12 151 4/3P+E 6
INTERLOCKED SOCKET 5P 32A 6h 2425777 2425777 UB 432-6 S Red 50/60 230/400 1.15 153 5/3PN+E 6

Accessories for Interlocked sockets 32A IP44

Name E-number Article number Type designation Description
AUX SWITCH FOR UB AUX SWITCH FOR UB 3155360 3155360 HLPK KU/KUE Auxiliary switches