MCB 10kA 2-pole D-characteristics

Miniature circuit breaker 10kA ideal for industrial and residential applications. It is capable of protecting the system against short-circuit currents up to 10kA. It is equipped with a mounting bracket that allows you to remove or install a miniature circuit-breaker even when the phase busbar is installed and is compatible with all GARO busbars for miniature circuit-breakers. MCB GS D-Characteristic 20A 10kA 2-pole
Article number
Wire flexible [mm²] 1-25
Degree of protection [IP] 20
Colour Grå
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Rated voltage [V AC] 230/400
Tightening torque [Nm] 3,5
Temperature range [C] -25...+55
Storage temperature [C] -35...+55
Modules [pcs] 2
Standard EN 60898-1
Package size [pcs] 6
Width [mm] 36
Height [mm] 90
Depth [mm] 75
Poles 2
Materials Plast
Rated short-circuit cap. [kA] 10
Connection type Skruv
Claim prefuse [A] 125
Tripping characteristics D
Name MCB GS D-KAR 20A 10kA 2P
E-number 2142939
Article number 2142939
Type designation MCB GS D220
Rated current [A] 20
Netweight [kg] 0.21

More variants of MCB 10kA 2-pole D-characteristics

E-number Article number Type designation Rated current [A] Netweight [kg]
MCB GS D-KAR 0,5A 10kA 2P 2142930 2142930 MCB GS D2005 0,5 0.20
MCB GS D-KAR 1A 10kA 2P 2142931 2142931 MCB GS D201 1 0.20
MCB GS D-KAR 2A 10kA 2P 2142933 2142933 MCB GS D202 2 0.20
MCB GS D-KAR 4A 10kA 2P 2142934 2142934 MCB GS D204 4 0.20
MCB GS D-KAR 6A 10kA 2P 2142935 2142935 MCB GS D206 6 0.20
MCB GS D-KAR 10A 10kA 2P 2142936 2142936 MCB GS D210 10 0.21
MCB GS D-KAR 13A 10kA 2P 2142937 2142937 MCB GS D213 13 0.21
MCB GS D-KAR 16A 10kA 2P 2142938 2142938 MCB GS D216 16 0.21
MCB GS D-KAR 20A 10kA 2P 2142939 2142939 MCB GS D220 20 0.21
MCB GS D-KAR 25A 10kA 2P 2142940 2142940 MCB GS D225 25 0.21
MCB GS D-KAR 32A 10kA 2P 2142941 2142941 MCB GS D232 32 0.20

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