Fuse combination boxes

The fuse-switch consists of a combined 3-pole fuse-link base with front operated switch-disconnector function. The cover is interlocked and cannot be opened in the closed position. In the open position, it is energized on both sides of the fuse-link and the switching functions also satisfy the conditions applicable for the disconnector. It is also possible to lock the operating mechanism with a padlock in the closed position. SLBP 3250, 3400 SLBP and SLBP 3630 have two-piece flange openings on the top and bottom. The fuse-switch is also equipped with PE+N. Fuse combination box 250A flange 33/33 alloy
Article number
Degree of protection [IP] 65
Colour RAL7035 Grå
Standard EN 61439-3
Materials Lättmetall
Package size 1
Fuse size 00
Name FUSE COMB BOX 250A lll/lll A
E-number 2393122
Article number 2393122
Type designation SLBL 3250 lll/lll
Rated current [A] 250
Netweight [kg] 18.60
Width [mm] 415
Height [mm] 235
Depth [mm] 395
Switch [A] 3x250
No.of poles [pcs] 3/3

More variants of Fuse combination boxes

E-number Article number Type designation Rated current [A] Netweight [kg] Width [mm] Height [mm] Depth [mm] Switch [A] No.of poles [pcs]
FUSE COMB BOX 125A l/l A 2393102 2393102 SLBL 3125 l/l 125 8.30 333 197 333 3x125 1x3
FUSE COMB BOX 250A lll/lll A 2393122 2393122 SLBL 3250 lll/lll 250 18.60 415 235 395 3x250 3/3