Metal cabinets NUML-M

GARO’s metal cabinet for media is a slightly smaller cabinet for surface mounting that is idea for repair, rebuilding and extension projects. Mounting panel with space for 13 x RJ45 jacks (15x20 mm per/hole) and equipped with 2 wall sockets that can be turned so that the plugs can fit in the best possible way. It is possible to combine the media cabinet with a DIN cabinet. Media cabinets can ideally be mounted in combination with GARO’s DIN cabinets. The cabinets are made to maintain good ventilation as the components generate a great deal of heat. Particularly suitable for residential installations. The cabinets are made of sheet steel, which provides an extra safeguard against fire, for example. MET CAB SURFACE 2R 28M M-M
Article number
Type designation NUML-M 28-2
Rated current [A] 40
Degree of protection [IP] 30
Colour RAL9010 Vit
Frequency [Hz] 50
Rated voltage [V AC] 400
Standard EN 61439-3
Netweight [kg] 4.20
Width [mm] 335
Height [mm] 370
Depth [mm] 108
Materials Plåt
Location Utanpåliggande
Package size 1
Further feeding [A] Vidarematning 63
Schuko [pcs] 2
RJ45 type Keystone
RJ45 [pcs] 13
E-number 2290036
Article number 356039

Accessories for Metal cabinets NUML-M

Name E-number Article number Type designation Description
TOUCH UP PAINT WHITE TOUCH UP PAINT WHITE 1693384 1693384 BFV Touch up paint white
PLASTIC POCKET GROUPSCH PLASTIC POCKET GROUPSCH 2270794 2270794 GF-1 Plastic pocket and group schedule.
MARKING STRIP 01-TELE MARKING STRIP 01-TELE 2270818 2270818 NLM 01-TELE Marking strip 01-TELE
WHITE PAINT SPRAY 2394822 2394822 BFVS White paint spray
LOCKS NLN 3 LOCKS NLN 3 2290062 356067 NLN3 Locks NLN3