Wallbox with or without WiFi connection?

Wallbox with or without WiFi connection?

Take control of your charging

There are wallboxes both with and without WiFi that will charge your car equally well. However, if as a user you would like access to functions that provide statistics on charging per day/month/year or that limit the charging current, then WiFi is a plus. An internet connection over WiFi or a fixed network cable also makes it much easier to update the wallbox software to maintain compatibility with the developments and requirements associated with new car models.

With a WiFi connection, you can use your mobile or computer to easily:

• Program the times of day you want to charge. Perhaps your power company offers cheaper electricity at night?

• Check how much you have charged during the past month and make comparisons with previous months.

• Report the readings for charging your company car to your employer.

• Turn off the wallbox when you are not using it to prevent unauthorised access.

• Update your wallbox when new software is released without the aid of an electrician.