Cable cabinets for public charging points

Smart and effective power distribution between posts

The market for electric and hybrid vehicles is steadily increasing, and a major expansion of the charging infrastructure in Sweden is now under way to enable the green transition. We intend to be an integral part of the transition and this intent is reflected in our products. They have been developed and equipped with features to meet market demands and needs – both today and tomorrow. We offer everything from individual charging posts for home users through extremely powerful fast chargers with multiple outlets for electric utilities and companies to complete public charging stations. Combined with smart solutions for monitoring and billing, the result for customers who choose us – no matter what their needs – is a custom-made turnkey solution.

Moreover, in addition to reliable charging posts and charging stations, reliable and flexible cable cabinets to connect and distribute power to the different charging posts and stations in a smart and cost-effective manner are also required. We can offer not only complete solutions for large and small installations alike, but also all the expertise and knowledge that we have accumulated over the years.