Measurement devices module 630A

Main distribution assembly 630A (6300) built in the GPI system. This distribution assembly is equipped with a separate side cabinet for connection of incoming cables from the energy provider (3 x fuse switches) and common fuse switch 630A with current transformer. This distribution assembly is normally used for the construction of large apartment blocks, hotels arenas, shopping centres, events, etc. The distribution assembly is equipped with different outputs for onward feed with earth cables (Type AKKJ 16-95 mm² and 95-240 mm²). Possibility to supplement with outlet socket modules 13-63A which are preceded by residual current devices and circuit breakers as required. The distribution assembly is equipped with a hot-dip galvanized stand and lockable doors. Tightening torque terminalsblock 10-95mm²:15 Nm Tightening torque terminalsblock 95-2470mm²:25 Nm Main distribution assembly 630A 2x400A 1x250A 1300IM GPI

Common characteristics

Rated voltage [V AC]
Rated current [A]
Space for meters [pcs]
Depth [mm]
Frequency [Hz]
Package size [pcs]
EN 61439-4
Degree of protection [IP]

Specific for 352063

Article Number
Type designation
ZF GPI 630-P-1300
Netweight [kg]
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Stålplåt/Sheet steel
Expiration date

Accessories list for Measurement devices module 630A

Name E-Number Article Number Type designation Article Description
B-SKYDD/STÖDINSATS 3M 80793 Beröringsskydd stödinsats 3moduler passar GPI-systemet.E2466396 - BS 3M GPI
B-SKYDD/STÖDINSATS 4M 80794 Beröringsskydd stödinsats 4 moduler passar GPI-system
B-SKYDD/STÖDINSATS 5M 80795 Beröringsskydd stödinsats 5moduler passar GPI-system.
TÄCKMODUL GPI 4M 200MM 2469103 2469103 BM-4 Täckmodul GPI 4 moduler
TÄCKMODUL 3M GPI 150MM 2469102 2469102 BM-3 Täckmodul GPI 3 modul 150mm
TÄCKMODUL GPI 1M 50MM 2469101 2469101 BM-1 Täckmodul GPI 1 modul 50mm
BERÖRINGSSKYDD SATS GPI 2469104 2469104 BS-GPI Beröringsskyddsats för fast anslutna kablar GPI
FÖRD.CENTR F ANSL 125A 5JFB 2469043 2469043 GSF 125/01/12303-41 Uttagscentral i skåpmodell för fast anslutning125A med 5st Jordfelsbrytare.
HUVUDBR 40A 3P 2142854 2142854 HB 340 Huvudbrytare 40A 3-polig
HUVUDBR 80A 3P 2142856 2142856 HB 380 Huvudbrytare 80A 3-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 13A 10kA 1P 2142707 2142707 MCB GS C113 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 13A 10kA 1-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 16A 10kA 3P 2142753 2142753 MCB GS C316 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 16A 10kA 3-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 32A 10kA 3P 2142756 2142756 MCB GS C332 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 32A 10kA 3-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 63A 10kA 3P 2142759 2142759 MCB GS C363 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 63A 10kA 3-polig
DELBAR PLINTSATS 10-95 2466339 351982 PE/N 10-95 Delbar plintsats PE/N 10-95mm² GPI.
DELBAR PLINTSATS 95-240 2466340 351983 PE/N 95-240 Delbar plintsats PE/N 95-240mm²
TRANSPORTSKYDD GPI 2469107 2469107 TF Transportskydd GPI för uttagsmodulen
UNDERCENTR 63A SKÅP/STATIV 1x63 2x32 3x16 6x13 2469015 2469015 U GBSN 463-6/00/12306-21 Uttagscentral i skåpmodell 63A med jordfelsbrytare 6xschuko 3x16A uttag 2x32A uttag 1x63A uttag ( 355008 )
UTTAG RAK 5P 16A 6h 2424909 2424909 UI 416-6 S Uttag rak basic 5-polig 16A 6h
UTTAG RAK 5P 32A 6h 2424930 2424930 UI 432-6 S Uttag rak basic 5-polig 32A 6h
UTTAG RAK 5P 63A 6h 2424949 2424949 UI 463-6 S Uttag rak basic 5-polig 63A 6h
SCHUKO 10/16A 1896880 1896880 UIF 10/16 Uttag schuko 10/16A.
UTTAG SNED 5P 63A 6h 2425071 2425071 UIS 463-6 S Uttag sned basic 5-polig 63A 6h