Marina Post GMS

Based on many years of experience GARO AB has developed a new family of marina power and lighting posts.

The marina post GMS unbeatably combines Design, Function, Quality and a long Life.
The efficient and energy-saving LED lighting, highly anodised aluminium design, impact resistance, and the market’s highest waterproof rating (IPX6) guarantees a long life.
The interior space means the installer can easily and quickly connect incoming cables and, if necessary, feed these to the next post.
It only takes a few minutes to fit the designed hose reel and the water tap.
The electricity and water installations are separated by an efficient IP67 membrane and different sized push-throughs facilitate the work and ensure a watertight finish.
The lock function gives the user the possibility to lock the outlet socket with or without the plug inserted.

Product advantages in brief

  • Design. Blends perfectly into marina environments
  • User-friendly, easy to connect electrical plugs
  • High quality aluminium guarantees a long life
  • LED lighting, optimal lighting quality and does not dazzle docking boats
  • GU10 LED light source ensures a long life and low energy consumption 
  • Conforms to IPX6 which is the highest waterproof rating
  • Lockable IP67 outlets - with or without the plug inserted
  • Cable holder, keeps cables in order
  • Impact resistant
  • Residual current breaker with overload protection, optional 6, 10 or 16A. Protects each outlet
  • Prepared to be equipped with water tap and hose reel
  • Water installation is separated from the electrical terminals by an IP67 membrane
  • Self-closing, lockable door protects electrical components
  • Service-friendly, easy to replace components
  • Installation friendly. Electrical terminal block Cu 25 mm² for looping
  • Height 1300 mm