Examples of Charging Method

Snabbladdare för kombinerad laddning COMBO och CHAdeMO


There are three different types of connectors for charging electric vehicles:

  • Type 1 is an American 1-phase connector for max 32A 1-phase
  • Type 2 is a German connector for max 70A 1-phase or max 63A 3-phase
  • Type 3 is an Italian/French connector for max 32A 1-phase or max 63A 3-phase
  • The European Commission Directorate has stated that Type 2 will be standard in Europe.


Charging Method

There are four charging methods, called Mode:

  • Mode 1 is uncontrolled charging up to 16A in a common socket with residual-current device
  • Mode 2 which also includes a monitoring unit on the cable and permits up to 32A 1-phase
  • Mode 3, which involves charging from special charging stations and which also states how communication to and from the vehicle occurs
  • Mode 4 refers to direct current charging where most of the charging electronics are housed in the charging station.


Rapid Charging


CCS (Combined Charging System) or Combo, combines Type 2 with rapid charging in a connector. This combines 1 and 3-phase alternating current charging, direct current charging and extra-fast direct current charging at public locations to a common socket in the car. Stated as a standard in the USA and Europe.


CHAdeMO is a Japanese direct current standard used by Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi (and on sister cars such as Peugeot iON and Citroën C-Zero).

AC_Typ2_1 Chameleon is a different solution from Renault, which unlike the others, has a converter in the car and with that can charge from alternating current up to 43 kW. This makes the charging station less expensive.