Home chargers with EV-outlet

GAROs Home charger is designed for use in garages and carports. At the front there is a LED indicator for visualization of the charge status. The communication between the charging station and electric vehicles is handled by an integrated CC module. The home charger is available with 1-phase charging, 16A and 32A and are protected with integrated RCCBO, is also available with 3-phase with adjustable power up to 22kW, incoming cable must be protected by a fuse and is available with or without RCD. When installing, the cable must be dimensioned for at least the charging current that the charger is set to. The charge current can be adjusted to reduce the risk that the facility main fuse is tripped. This very useful and innovative feature that is integrated into the charger, must be performed by qualified installers. Under current international standard IEC 60364-7-722 for charging electric cars are requirements for Type B or Type A RCD combined with DC monitor device that break the curren