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You say that you have a complete range of portable distribution panels up to 630A, but there are only distribution panels with E numbers up to 250A?

When it comes to distribution panels over 125A, we have a complete range of panels called GPI. These are 100% modular based, and we stock all enclosure sizes and modules, and assemble complete cabinets within 2-3 working days after order. Everything is documented and electrical safety tested before delivery.


Can you customize all portable distribution panels, even power cases construction site lamps?

Yes! In principle we can customise all products to meet our customer’s requirements. Examples of product changes include: portable distribution panels with power meters, G-CTRL, reconfiguration or supplementary residual current devices/fuses. 
We then manufacture standard panels from scratch and everything is documented and tested before we ship the product to the customer.


How do you ensure that all products are properly connected and electrical safety tested?

All standard products are manufactured according to a template (an identical copy that is installed by a qualified electrician and electrical safety tested).

Customised products are always manufactured by qualified electricians. When the product has been assembled it is handed over to a qualified testing instructor, who is also a qualified electrician. The following operations are performed:

  • Electrical safety and performance testing (all outlets are checked, this includes correct earthing, phase sequence and that RSD/fuses work
  • High voltage testing
  • Internal checks: inspection of cable terminals, component markings
  • External inspection: labelling, rating plates, stickers


I bought a GARO portable distribution panel UC63 from my dealer a few years ago and now I need a number of spare parts such as door, hinges, and a residual current device.

Do you provide spare parts for your products?

Of course we have spare parts for our products! Contact your dealer or anyone at GARO Elflex and we will help you.

It is always an advantage if you have the production number close at hand. You will find this on the rating plate on all products and this is the identification number that is unique to this product.


I would like to document a change to a GPI distribution panel. Is there a guide that describes how to customise a distribution panel for GPI Construction?

Yes, click here to go directly to the GPI Construction


GARO has a number of distribution panels with circuit breakers, 63 and 125A, compared to your competitors who usually fit fuse switches. What is the advantage of circuit breakers?


  • Optimisation of cable sizes, in some cases a smaller cable cross section area or longer cable sections can be used.
  • Controllability: power (1-0.6)/time
  • No extra fuse links are needed