Engine heating parking G-CTRL RFID

GARO G-CTRL engine heater system with RFID control is a system that is based on GARO G-CTRL that has been marketed and sold for more than 10 years. The system allows end-users to control their engine heaters via the Internet or a phone while the administrator/installation owner can obtain consumption records via the system for each heater and then charge each tenant for their usage. The system can also be integrated with other rental advising systems, for example, those used by “Riksbyggen” or “HSB” and consumption can then be charged on the same rent invoice as the property rent.

G-CTRL RFID offers all the advantages of G-CTRL, but in addition is designed for free space parking. All end-users receive an account where they register their RFID tag and calendar with departure times. They can then park in any parking space and identify themselves using the RFID tag. The calendar with departure times as well as the registered consumption for the account are then transferred to the engine heater in question. The RFID readers are standardised and meet the demands of MiFare 1K and 4K.

The need of free space parking exists, for example, when the number of users is greater than the number of spaces e.g. staff car parks at hospitals or at large companies where staff normally works in shifts. It is then a great advantage if the same parking space can be used by several different people on the same day.

Each user identifies themselves with their RFID tag and the calendar and consumption are linked directly to the user. When the user then leaves the parking space it becomes free for use by another user. Another suitable application where G-CTRL RFID fits perfectly is municipal facilities such as schools, nursery schools, etc., where end users park in different spaces/schools on different days. If G-CTRL RFID is installed at all parking spaces, staff can park anywhere and identify themselves with the RFID tag and their calendar is then moved over to that particular engine heater.


Advantages of G-CTRL RFID

  • Easy installation
  • RFID tags can be linked to several specific areas, for example, all schools within a community
  • Easy administration All users register via their tags
  • Unlimited number of RFID tags can be registered in a single area
  • Individual energy metering per RFID tag (account)
  • RFID tags from other systems can be integrated with this system, enabling end users to use the same tag for multiple systems