Electrical sockets for cars are more than just a warm engine

We have a very wide range of power sockets for car parks, campsites, marinas, and now also for charging posts. GARO has a nearly 50-year tradition of manufacturing power posts - we have vast experience and extensive knowledge, which is reflected in our products

There is a power post for virtually all needs. From 24 hour free access to electricity to a really advanced power socket, where you sit at home on the sofa and program a complete week of different time settings for the power socket. Or you can control this via your Smartphone.

All depending on the type of insert you choose for your posts. Today we have 37 different inserts for each P100 system. Add to that another 20 or so inserts for our Futura system.


Advantages that stand up to comparison

Robust design - at some time everyone has driven away with the cord left in the car and power post. Our enclosures can withstand this. The insert is still in the enclosure when you return.

The enclosures are available for single, double and wall mounting. You can always install a socket regardless of the environment.

Quick coupling to switch inserts. We were the first to introduce this on the market and it means an insert can be replaced in just a few minutes. Great when it's cold outside...

Contact protection is available for all posts. This improves safety when changing inserts. No contact with electricity at all.

Our thinking inserts save a great deal of electricity and energy. One of the inserts detects the outdoor temperature and even the time of departure. As the user you then only need to set the departure time and the power socket will be powered up just in time for the car’s engine oil to be fast-flowing, the car windows to be defrosted and so the car is nice and warm. Of course the latter requires an interior heater...

The inserts are equipped with a backup in the event of a power failure. The insert can be without power for a full 48 hours without the need of being reprogrammed.

One socket has an RFID solution. This is a great advantage in e.g. a staff car parks where several users share same socket.  

All inserts can be energised for 30 minutes with a simple 4 second press. This is perfect answer if the car needs to be vacuumed, the hedge trimmed or a high pressure washer needs to be used.