A wide range with or without measuring

GARO has a nearly 50-year tradition of manufacturing power posts - we have vast experience and extensive knowledge, which is reflected in our products.

"We have chosen the GARO’s system for our campsite. Good service, reliable products and great flexibility were the decisive factors.”

Camping inserts fit system P100 and the inserts are available from 6 to 10 A, with or without metering. 

The sockets are connected 24 hours/day and are equipped with CEE sockets and 3-phase connection. The post’s enclosure is available with or without locks and it is also possible to choose a spilt door, which means that the user only has access to the sockets he or she are renting.

For those who would like a system with control from the front desk then our G-CTRL system is the answer. 

Each socket in the entire campsite is controlled from the reception. The sockets that are not active are not energized. This gives a safe socket and no one cannot use power without paying for it.

Automatic upgrading

The power to the socket can be selected as well as upgraded with immediate effect. If, for example, you have only chosen 10 A and you simply need more when you connect a fan, TV, refrigerator, etc, the system signals by flashing a lamp a few times and you are then upgraded to 16 A without having to actively do anything. If you do not want to upgraded, you have one minute to switch off the fan, TV or any other electrical appliance.

Each tenant has the option of receiving a written report of how much electricity they have used. This information can obtain from the software at anytime.

No surprises!

If, for some reason, the RCBO trips an alarm is sent to the front desk and you can quickly check what is wrong. This means that the caravan owner escapes any unpleasant surprises, for example, a full refrigerator that had been without power for a week...

Many caravan owners also use their caravans during the winter. It might then be a comfort to arrive at a warm caravan. The reception then switches on the heat at an appropriate time prior to guests' arrival. You can also disconnect the heat when guests leave - everything is managed remotely and can also be connected to holiday cottages.

Sometimes even our marine posts can be an option for a campsite.  READ MORE ABOUT OUR MARINA RANGE >>