Easy installation saves money for the installers

GARO Montage is growing faster than the market as a whole. Competitive and installer-friendly solutions are key to the success.

“It's a tough business, but we can offer unique turnkey solutions for wholesalers and their installation customers,” says Eric Liljendahl, Managing Director of GARO Montage.

The majority of our customers see GARO as a broad-ranging central supplier, and we have long provided the market with everything from apartment fuse boxes to larger distribution boxes for industrial and commercial installations.

At GARO Montage we have recently expanded our product portfolio and now offer the market cable cabinets and switchgear, which means we are now a complete low voltage supplier. All products are of course fully customised to suit your wishes.

Switchgear is the latest product range we have added to our product portfolio, and we have noticed an increased in demand. This is a business sector that we would like to grow significantly in, so that we can offer the market low-voltage products up to 2500 Ampere. 

GARO Montage offers a quick and easy flow from quote to delivery. Our very capable sales team would love to speak to you and if we could choose, we prefer the personal approach.

If you contact our sales team, we can ask the necessary questions in order to offer you a quick & customised solution.

Our motto is that it should be easy to work with GARO Montage and that we always keep our promise!

An important parameter in today's society is “time”, and no matter what segment we work in, time is always discussed.

Everything must be produced and performed faster and faster. With these requirements in mind, it is even more important to choose the right supplier. The time aspect is also something that our product managers have on their agenda regarding developing new products.    Our products need to be attractive when installed, but we also place a huge emphasis on GARO’s products being easy to install for technicians. Time is money and therefore we encourage our customers to add together the price on the quote and the installation time, which is the true cost.

We look forward to our next conversation, or if you are passing Gnosjö, you are always welcome to drop in. We promise to offer you coffee!