Today, cable cabinets is a major product for us at GARO Montage AB.

Nowadays, the short lead times from design to when a product must be delivered and commissioned are extremely pressing. GARO Montage offers a quick and easy flow from quote to delivery. Our skilled sales team would be delighted to speak to you so feel free to call us.

If you lack documentation for your project, describe your circumstances for us and we can discuss the ultimate solution together. The goal of the call is to quickly be able to offer you a simple layout sketch and quote.

Our vision is customised cabinets in such a way that, as the installer, you only need to connect the incoming and outgoing cables. Many cabinets that we manufacture today contain everything from standby power, socket panels and lighting controls.

We offer cabinets that can be placed both indoors and outdoors and where we manufacture cable cabinets up to 1600A.

We build outdoor enclosures in ABB Kabeldon’s cabinets in the series SDC and CDC.

The enclosures in this series are made of sheet steel and are corrosion protected through hot-dip galvanising according to the standard SS-EN ISO 1461. Parts that are buried in the ground are further protected as the corrosion protection has been reinforced with a polymer layer.

Cable cabinets are CE marked and type approved according to applicable standards and a completed test certificate is always supplied with each delivery.