Inserts time & temperature controll without measuring

Insert of the AEL-type, for repetitive time-and temperature controlled socket. The inserts are equipped with 2 Schuko sockets and 2 RCBOs and with illuminated setting buttons. Inserts of IDL-type adapted are designed for electric cars that require both charging and heating with an interior heater. The inserts are equipped with 4 Schuko sockets and 2 RCBOs and with that are intended for 2 users. Charging of the electric car starts when the cable is connected and ends when the car is fully charged or when the time-and temperature-controlled socket switches. The time-and temperature-controlled socket is controlled by the set departure time and the current outdoor temperature. The components are mounted on a DIN rail, making replacement very easy. All inserts feature maintenance-free capacitor backup, which means that they can withstand power failures of up to 48 hours without losing their

Common characteristics

Degree of protection [IP]
Package size
Netweight [kg]
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Depth [mm]
Rated current [A]
Short-circuit current [kA]
Response time [min]
Max 180
Frequency [Hz]
Rated voltage [V]
Schuko [pcs]

Specific for 2449440

Article Number
Type designation
AEL 210-2
2st 10A/2P

Accessories list for Inserts time & temperature controll without measuring

Name E-Number Article Number Type designation Article Description
LÅSBYGEL 2163136 2163136 LB 2 Låsbygel passande MCB GS,RCCB GS,RCBO GS,GCB ,GCBO och de flesta andra komponenter.
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 4A 10kA 1P 2142704 2142704 MCB GS C104 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 4A 10kA 1-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 6A 10kA 1P 2142705 2142705 MCB GS C106 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 6A 10kA 1-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 10A 10kA 1P 2142706 2142706 MCB GS C110 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 10A 10kA 1-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 16A 10kA 1P 2142708 2142708 MCB GS C116 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 16A 10kA 1-polig
UTTAGSINSATS MVU 2449413 2449413 MVU Eluttag B50xH50mm
MVV UTTAGSINSATS (RUND) PET 2449524 2449524 MVV Uttagsinsats rund PET MVV
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 6A 2P 2163247 2163247 RCBO GS C6A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 6A 10kA 2-polig
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 10A 2P 2163248 2163248 RCBO GS C10A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 10A 10kA 2-polig
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 16A 2P 2163250 2163250 RCBO GS C16A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 16A 10kA 2-polig
JORDF BR GS 25A 2P 30mA 2163204 2163204 RCCB GS 25A 30mA 2P Jordfelsbrytare typ GS 25A 2-polig 30mA
TIMER BILV.CENTRAL 2449525 2449525 TIMER TImer till bilmotorvärmare
UIF-JFB SCHUKOUTTAG 30mA 2449506 2449506 UIF-JFB Schukouttag UIF-JFB 30mA
VRED MVAT 5-PACK 2449507 2449507 VT Vred MVAT 1 förpackning är 5st