Inserts individuell adaptation

GAROs IDV insert can be customised according to customer requirements. The insert is available in a time-and temperature-controlled variant and where the programmed temperature curve for the on and off is based on the departure time (IDV1). You choose how long the socket will be energized before departure and even after the set departure time. It is possible to configure up to three departure times per day and it is also possible to set a forbidden time, i.e. make the power socket dead during the time period you specify. The second variant, IDV2, gives you the option to decide when and how long the power socket should be energized and de-energized. It is possible to programme a forbidden time, i.e. make the power socket dead during the time period you specify. The type of setting required on IDV1 or IDV2 needs to be stated at the time of the purchase. You can always change programing if wished.

Common characteristics

Degree of protection [IP]
Netweight [kg]
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Depth [mm]
Short-circuit current [kA]
Response time [min]
Rated voltage [V]
Schuko [pcs]

Specific for 870327

Article Number
Type designation
IDV 210-2
Rated current [A]
1st 10A/2P
Package size

Accessories list for Inserts individuell adaptation

Name E-Number Article Number Type designation Article Description
LÅSBYGEL 2163136 2163136 LB 2 Låsbygel passande MCB GS,RCCB GS,RCBO GS,GCB ,GCBO och de flesta andra komponenter.
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 4A 10kA 1P 2142704 2142704 MCB GS C104 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 4A 10kA 1-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 6A 10kA 1P 2142705 2142705 MCB GS C106 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 6A 10kA 1-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 10A 10kA 1P 2142706 2142706 MCB GS C110 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 10A 10kA 1-polig
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 16A 10kA 1P 2142708 2142708 MCB GS C116 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 16A 10kA 1-polig
UTTAGSINSATS MVU 2449413 2449413 MVU Eluttag B50xH50mm
MVV UTTAGSINSATS (RUND) PET 2449524 2449524 MVV Uttagsinsats rund PET MVV
PERSONSK BR GC C-KAR 6A 2P 2163283 2163283 RCBO GC C6A 1+N Personskyddsbrytare GC C-Karaktäristik 6A 6kA 2-polig 1modul
PERSONSK BR GC C-KAR 10A 2P 2163284 2163284 RCBO GC C10A 1+N Personskyddsbrytare GC C-Karaktäristik 10A 6kA 2-polig 1modul
PERSONSK BR GC C-KAR 13A 2P 2163285 2163285 RCBO GC C13A 1+N Personskyddsbrytare GC C-Karaktäristik 13A 6kA 2-polig 1modul
PERSONSK BR GC C-KAR 16A 2P 2163286 2163286 RCBO GC C16A 1+N Personskyddsbrytare GC C-Karaktäristik 16A 6kA 2-polig 1modul
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 6A 2P 2163247 2163247 RCBO GS C6A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 6A 10kA 2-polig
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 10A 2P 2163248 2163248 RCBO GS C10A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 10A 10kA 2-polig
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 16A 2P 2163250 2163250 RCBO GS C16A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 16A 10kA 2-polig
JORDF BR GS 25A 2P 30mA 2163204 2163204 RCCB GS 25A 30mA 2P Jordfelsbrytare typ GS 25A 2-polig 30mA
TIMER BILV.CENTRAL 2449525 2449525 TIMER TImer till bilmotorvärmare
UIF-JFB SCHUKOUTTAG 30mA 2449506 2449506 UIF-JFB Schukouttag UIF-JFB 30mA
UTTAG RAK LITEN 3P 16A 6h 2424890 2424890 UIL 216-6 S Uttag rak basic liten 3-polig 16A 6h
VRED MVAT 5-PACK 2449507 2449507 VT Vred MVAT 1 förpackning är 5st