Koster with four 1-phase socket

Koster marina posts with designation GMS E4 or GMS M4 are designed for the modern marina. The post is equipped with four 230V electrical outlet sockets, type IEC216. The outlet sockets are equipped with hardware for a standard padlock and the outlet sockets can be locked with or without the plug inserted. The posts are supplied with 6, 10 or 16A residual current breaker with overload protection. All posts are prepared to be equipped with water tap and hose reel, which are sold as accessories. The residual current breaker with overload protection (RCBO) and any MID-approved meters are mounted behind a lockable self-closing door. In order to attain the highest waterproof rating IPX6 we have also fitted an extra protective cover over all the components. For reasons of electrical safety, electrical and water installations are performed in two completely separate areas. These are separated by a waterproof membrane type G-Top mounted above the water tap. The electrical terminal block

Common characteristics

Wire flexible [mm²]
Degree of protection [IP]
Package size
Flanged socket outlet
4st 16A 2P+E 230V
Rated short-circuit cap. [kA]
Width [mm]
Height [mm]
Depth [mm]

Specific for 351924

Article Number
Type designation
GMS M4 10A
Rated current [A]
4st 10A/2P
Netweight [kg]

Accessories list for Koster with four 1-phase socket

Name E-Number Article Number Type designation Article Description
KOPPL.UR 2KANAL ASTRO 1330395 108275 ASTRO2K Kopplingsur 2-kanal astro
DRAGAVLASTNING FÖR MARINSTOLPE 2449757 351955 GMS WL Kabelavlastning för både inkommande och utgående kabel..
SLANGHÅLLARE FÖR MARINSTOLPE 2449756 351937 GMS-SH Alla marinstolpar av typ KOSTER är förberedda för montering av GARO slanghållare.
VATTENKRAN MARIN 2449844 352711 GMS-VK-SKY Alla marinstolpar av typ KOSTER är förberedda för montering av vattenkran. Vattenkranen är godkänd för dricksvatten
ENERGIMÄTARE 1F PULS 0900131 108043 GNM1D Energimätare 1-fas puls
ENERGIMÄTARE 3F PULS 0900134 108046 GNM3D Energimätare 3-fas Puls
DVÄRGB GS C-KAR 6A 10kA 1P 2142705 2142705 MCB GS C106 Dvärgbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 6A 10kA 1-polig
MARKFUNDAMENT KOSTER 2449768 352030 MF-K Markfundament för marinstolpe
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 6A 2P 2163247 2163247 RCBO GS C6A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 6A 10kA 2-polig
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 10A 2P 2163248 2163248 RCBO GS C10A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 10A 10kA 2-polig
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 16A 2P 2163250 2163250 RCBO GS C16A 2P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 16A 10kA 2-polig
PERSONSK BR GS C-KAR 16A 4P 2163272 2163272 RCBO GS C16A 4P Personskyddsbrytare GS C-Karaktäristik 16A 6kA 4-polig