Working for us

To work for GARO means that we all try to follow our policies. For example, we all have a responsibility to ensure quality is as high as possible, as well as to ensure that everyone enjoys working here

We rotate production personnel whenever possible. We do this as part of our Health & Safety Polcy, for greater flexibility and we also believe that the work becomes more enjoyable the more you know and the more varied it becomes. We always experience a bit of an off-season during the Spring and we then take the opportunity to invest in training when possible and where suitable.

From the end of January, our employees have Friday afternoons off. A few years ago we introduced a seasonally adjusted work schedule. This means that during the Autumn, when we are usually very busy, everyone works up time and we also have extra staff employed from August through December.  So when the bright Spring days are upon us we can go home and start the weekend a little earlier.

If you would like to you can also join our personnel club which is very active and several times a year organises both large and small activities.


At the present time we do not have any vacancies.

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Marie Carlsson, Human Resources
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