Quality & Environment

GARO aims to deliver products at the right price, at the right time and of course of a high quality. The entire GARO Group works with continuous improvement in all areas. We were ISO certified for quality and the environment as early as 1997 and ‘98.

“Someone else’ does not work at GARO. We all have a responsibility for our products and our operations”

CE and S-marking

We CE-mark all our products according to law, and in addition, S-mark a large number of our products. S-marking signifies that we allow a third, impartial party to test and verify our products according to a standard template. A successful product test means we may S-mark the products that have undergone the tough tests. 

S-marking is an added safety for those who install our products and extra safety for those who use them.

Our quality work

The basis of our quality work is our responsible personnel and they have the help of a system for continuous development and control of our operations. 5S / Lean production helps to:

  • Sort - differentiate between what is necessary and what is not
  • Systemise - smart organisation, so that the work place is easy to work in
  • Sweep - a small amount of cleaning all the time
  • Standardise - make 5S a daily routine
  • Satisfy - respect applied standards and procedures

Our environmental work

Our environmental goals are real and we have already implemented some of these. We have defined goals both for our operations and our products and the fact that we still have ISO14001 certification is testament to the fact that we comply with recurring audits.

Many of our products also contribute indirectly to minimising environmental impact. Examples of this include: 

  • Temperature controlled car heater sockets. Saves both the car and the environment, as the engine is heated and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Charging posts. We are fully involved when the infrastructure for electric vehicles is expanded.
  • Control and measurement system G-METER. A control system to reduce power consumption in e.g. homes.

Locally, we try to practice what we preach. At the Gnosjö facility we have and are introducing, among others:

  • Time controlled ventilation
  • Installation of natural gas
  • Training our sales personnel in ECO-driving
  • Replacement of old fluorescent lamps to T5 lamps
  • Motion detectors in strategic places in the factory
  • Old monitors are replaced with new energy-saving TFT displays
  • Monitoring and control of power consumption

Producer liability

We are connected to FTI and El-Kretsen AB - organisations working in recycling.

Improvement suggestions

We work with continuous improvement within the organisation and all employees are encouraged to submit suggestions. Do you also want to make a suggestion? Please e-mail us at info@garo.se