Our Companies

Our headquarters is located in Småland Gnosjö together with its subsidiaries GARO Montage and GARO Elflex. Our other companies are located in Finland, Ireland, Norway and Poland


GARO AB is the parent company of the GARO Group and is responsible for the business areas of electrical installation and systems. Electrical installation comprises DIN rail components, meter cabinets with distribution panels and blocks, power outlets for car parks, switchgear, CEE sockets etc. The Systems business area specialises in marine power outlets, camping and EV charging  posts.

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GARO Montage 

GARO Montage is a subsidiary of GARO and specialises in customised switchgear, junction boxes and distribution panels. Geographically, the company is next door to GARO AB. The company has its own sales team that works in close cooperation with GARO’s other sales personnel.

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GARO Elflex 

GARO Elflex is a subsidiary of GARO and specialises in temporary power and construction lighting. The company mainly caters to the construction industry and hire companies. There is a sales team in Gnosjö, and assembly and warehouse facilities are in the same premises as the rest of GARO.

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GARO Finland

is the Finnish subsidiary, situated in Espoo.  The company has been established since 2008 and the company’s Managing Director is Kalervo Ulander

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GARO Ireland

 our Irish subsidiary, was established in 1981 and has its sales office in new premises in north-west Dublin. The company's Managing Director is Joe Ree.

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GARO Norway

is our Norwegian subsidiary and has been established in Drammen since 1984. Sales and assembly are located in new premises since 2012.
The company's Managing Director is Jan Larsgaard

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GARO Poland

is the latest addition to our European subsidiaries. However, this was back in 1997 and sales and some manufacturing are now situated in brand new premises. The comany´s Managing Director is Marek Samborski.

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