Our Business Idea

With simplicity and design, the GARO electricity industry provides 
the smartest and most profitable solutions – 
fitted into systems

It is easy to be swayed by enticing words in a business idea. Because of that, we are consciously straight and to the point, we strive for simplicity and common sense. These are two of our cornerstones.

What does our business idea mean in more detail?

We must be simple in everything we do. Our products must be easy to manage, install and live with. At the same time design in a functional form is a very important factor. Functional form, together with innovation, is something we call smart solutions. If you can offer a smart solution, this is almost automatically a profitable solution. Not just for us but for everyone we work with. If you place the smart solutions of a larger whole – into one system –

then the profit for all sections will be even greater.

As you notice, all parts form a whole. A whole in the form of our business idea.

Our fundamental ideas

Our fundamental ideas are naturally based on our business idea.

When we develop new assortments and products, we simply always think in terms of four various stages;

  • developing
  • manufacturing
  • selling
  • aftersales/service